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2018 Feb 08, Issue 1
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2018 June 21, Issue 9
June 21st, Issue 9 Highlights (full newsletter can be downloaded above)
From the Principal, Michele Holloway
* Work has begun on the new "Integrated Learning' space. We are still making minor changes but it is pretty much finalised now. We are crossing our fingers and toes that it will be completed before our 130 year celebration in September.
* Congratulations to Charmaine for her preparation for the Preschool Assessment. The report will take around 6 weeks and Charmaine and I look forward to implementing any aspects that are identified.
* Michelle Mitchell has been employed one day a week to manage our IT. She is skilled at engaging children with educational apps and keeping things running.
* The Choir headed to Murray Bridge on Wednesday where they were involved in practising for the regional festival of Choirs performance at the town hall. They did a fantastic job and everyone was very proud of them.
* Michelle Fraser has been nominated for a Public Education Award for excellence in teaching. I'm sure we are all aware of how fortunate we are to have a teacher of her calibre at Cambrai.
* I am very pleased with the progress made by most children in every classroom to this point. There is a noticeable improvement in the work ethic displayed by students in the classrooms.
* Reports will be coming home in week 10 of this term.
* Thank you to the committee for their efforts in ensuring that our 130 year celebration will be a great day - not just for the school but the community.
* Keep an eye out for the Cambrai Primary School sign in the near future. Final changes are being made prior to completion.
* Don't forget Michele Holloway will be away in week 10. Sally Davies-Cavuoto will be stepping up between Friday week 9 and Wednesday and Milly Hoffmann on the last Thursday and Friday.
From the Classroom - Playgroup
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Our Kings and Queens
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Mums enjoying time at Playgroup with their children