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Welcome to Cambrai Primary School

Cambrai Primary School is a positive learning community, encouraging care
and respect for the environment. We offer high quality, varied and appropriate
educational opportunities for learners to participate, co-operate with others
and persist in seeking success in their school life. The school values are honesty,
integrity, respect and responsibility. The site caters for students from Preschool to 7.

Primary industries in the area include livestock, cereal, olive and turf farming.
The school focuses on environmental sustainability, using opportunities offered
by the 40 hectare Meldanda property. Its development has been based on four
teaching areas - environmental, outdoor and Aboriginal education, and agriculture.

A self-sufficient campsite has been established powered by wind and solar energy.
Students are involved in environmental projects, including Waterwatch, Frog Watch,
Bat Watch, Landcare and a recycling program. Students have been very successful
in the Solar Boat Challenge, representing South Australia on a number of occasions
at a national level. The school has also represented the state in primary school
level dance.